Lovers' Rock Icon is Dead

Fans mourn death of Shepherd's Bush-born singer

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A well-known reggae singer, known as the 'Queen of Lovers' Rock' has died.

Louisa Mark, who was born in Shepherd's Bush in 1960, passed away at the weekend.

“Our Reggae fraternity may be small, but nonetheless, has made a massive contribution to the development and enrichment of our music the world over and Louisa being a part of that contribution will be sorely missed. Her music will forever serve as a benchmark of the birth of Lovers' Rock music and indeed the Lovers' Rock genre in the UK and the world,” said fellow reggae singer Lloyd Brown.

Mark recorded her first record, 'Caught You In A Lie' at the age of just 15. The song was an instant hit and helped her gain recognition as one of the leading female singers of 'lovers' rock' reggae. The track was followed by another hit, 'All My Loving'.

When she left school, Mark worked with Trojan Records producer, Clement Bushay and released tracks such as "Keep it Like It Is", "Even Though You're Gone" and "Six Sixth Street".

Mark was voted top female reggae vocalist of 1978, beating Marcia Griffiths.

Describing the singer, say: “Her sweet vocal style and updated rock steady rhythms have made her a Queen of Lovers' Rock.”

Mark died on Saturday (October 17) in the Gambia, where she was living. However the circumstances of her death are still unclear: several reports say she died of poisoning but Gambia News puts the cause of death as a stomach ulcer.

19 October 2008