Motorcyclist Attacked Whilst Waiting At Traffic Lights

Police appeal for witnesses to come forwards

Local police are appealing for witnesses and information after a motorcyclist was attacked whilst waiting at a red traffic light.

The attack took place at the junction of Scrubs Lane and Harrow Road on Monday 25th January.

The motorcyclist was at the traffic lights in the left-turn only lane at around 9.20pm when a dark blue/black Astra-style vehicle pulled up behind him.

Two men got out of the car and ran towards the motorcyclist, demanding that he get off his bike. One of the men then grabbed the victim by his rucksack and pulled him and his motorbike to the ground while the second man repeatedly punched the motorcyclist around his body and head.

The two men continued to punch and kick the motorcyclist whilst demanding that he let go of his bike. The second attacker eventually pulled the bike away and tried to start it. When this failed, the two men ran off and got into a car which was waiting for them in Wood Lane.

The car was a dark blue/black Astra-style hatchback with blacked out windows. The first attacker is described as a white male aged between 16 and 22-years-old, around six feet tall, with short, fair hair and of heavy build. The second attacker is described as a white male aged between 16 and 22-years-old and around five feet seven inches tall.

The 52-year-old male victim was left with cuts and bruising around his left eye.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Detective Constable Wesley Hawkins
based in the Robbery Squad at Hammersmith Police Station on 020 8246 2678 or call
crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

10 February 2010