Council Tenant Evicted After Years Of ASB

Woman assaulted, swore and spat at neighbours

A woman who assaulted, swore and spat at her neighbours has been evicted from her Shepherd's Bush home.

Alison Wheeler had been a tenant of Champlain House, Australia Road since 1995 and police had been called to the property on numerous occasions over the years.

On their most recent visit, police from the Wormholt and White City Safer Neighbourhood Team found crack pipes at the council property, which was said to be a haven for drug dealers and users. Neighbours complained about being kept awake at night by loud parties and even said they had seen blood in the communal areas after Wheeler had been involved in fights.

After breaking an interim Anti Social Behaviour Injunction, Wheeler was jailed, before being permanently evicted from her home on February 22, 2010. She has also been banned from entering certain areas of Shepherd's Bush including Hammersmith Park until August 2014.

Sergeant Jason Carrigan from Wormholt and White City Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: "69 Champlain House and its occupant Alison Wheeler have caused untold anti-social behaviour and annoyance to the residents of the White City Estate. We have worked tirelessly with Hammersmith & Fulham Homes to solve the problem and this unfortunately led to Ms Wheeler's eventual eviction.

"The key message is that we offered Ms Wheeler numerous opportunities to engage with us and change her ways but she chose to continue to cause distress and annoyance to her neighbours with her re-offending. When an individual ignores all offers of assistance both the Metropolitan Police and Hammersmith & Fulham Homes will use the full power of the law to ensure that local residents can enjoy their community in peace. The courts have also shown that they will support us to this end".

The Council say that Wheeler is currently in prison and will be rehoused outside the borough upon her release.

26 February 2010