Bus Pickpockets Jailed

Gang stole from passengers on 207 route

Four pickpockets who stole from passengers on the 207 bus have been jailed.

Officers arrested the four after they were seen preying on passengers as the bus drove through Shepherd's Bush.

Patrick Glowacki, Kristian Dolinski, Anna Tasior and Jerzy Kasperowicz boarded the 207 on January 21, 2009, followed by police officers from the Pickpocket Squad. The four, who were already known to police, swapped seats and positions on the bus as it travelled along its route - a common sign of pickpocket activity, according to police.

When they got off the bus, they were arrested on suspicion of theft. Glowacki was found to be in possession of an elderly passenger's mobile phone.

Police say the four were working as an organised team of pickpockets, targeting bus passengers in the local area.

Two of the pickpockets were convicted at Kingston Crown Court on 19 January 2010: Patrick Glowacki, 27, of Ilford, Essex received 12 months' imprisonment, six months for theft and six months for breach of a court order, while 33-year-old Kristian Dolinski of Hanbury Road, London received eight months' imprisonment for theft and must serve a minimum of four months.

The other two appeared at Kingston Crown Court on 9 February 2010: Anna Tasior, 27, of Thorold Road, Ilford, Essex received six months' imprisonment suspended for 18 months, while 35-year-old Jerzy Kasperowicz of Western Avenue, London received four months' imprisonment.

Chief Superintendent Joe Royle, Safer Transport Command said: "The Safer Transport Command works in partnership with TfL, to keep London moving safely and drive down crime and the fear of crime on the bus network. Thanks to the observations of the Pickpocket Squad officers, this gang of thieves were caught and brought to justice.

"Our Pickpocket Squad works tirelessly to catch and prevent those who choose to operate on and around the bus network preying on passengers. If you commit any kind of criminal act on or around the bus network the Safer Transport Command will catch, arrest, and prosecute you whenever we can."

Siwan Hayward, Deputy Director of Community Safety, Enforcement and Policing said: "Whilst crime is low on the bus network we continue to work closely with the Safer Transport Command to reduce it further and get good results like the sentences here.

"We want Londoners to feel they can travel in a safe and secure environment and the sentencing of these pickpockets should put out a clear signal to thieves that they can't prey upon our passengers."

2 March 2010