Fire on Edward Woods Estate

No reports of any injuries


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Four fire engines and around 20 firefighters were called to a fire at a maisonette in Queendale Crescent, on the Edward Woods Estate on Thursday (June 11) evening.

The occupant of the maisonette was alerted to the fire by a smoke alarm and was able to escape unharmed, but around 20% of the flat was damaged by the fire.

Watch Manager Herschell from Hammersmith Fire Station, who attended the incident, said: “Our firefighters had recently fitted two smoke alarms at this property: one on the ground floor and one upstairs. The fire started upstairs so when the smoke alarm up there went off, it alerted the lady, who was downstairs, to the fire. She was able to escape straight away and call the Brigade.

"It’s vital that working smoke alarms are fitted on every level of a house, as in this case, as they really can save lives,” he said.

The fire brigade was called at 1856 and the fire was under control by 1935.

Firefighters from Hammersmith, Paddington, Kensington and Acton attended the incident.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


June 13, 2009