Meet The Candidates: Part Two

Find out who is standing locally for the Green Party

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Joining the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates for the parliamentary seat of Hammersmith, Rollo Miles will be standing locally for the Green Party.

Rollo Miles, Green Party

The Green Party is not just about the environment, it is a social-minded party which believes in a fair society, not a divided one.

- I am a long-term local resident: I live in Hammersmith & Fulham.
- I have a young family and I care about their future.
- I am passionate about environmental issues.

As I am sure you are aware, due to boundary changes you will be voting in the brand-new Parliamentary seat of Hammersmith at the next general election. This election will probably be one of the most important in recent decades and you have the chance of voting for real change - and also sending a very strong message to Parliament. It is clear that the environment is changing and that this will affect us in our lifetimes. It will of course definitely affect our children's lives with things like rises in sea level, extreme hot and cold temperatures, fossil fuels running out, all against a background of world population growth and food and water shortages.

Yet our current government seems unable to address these problems or argue for environmental change.

Hammersmith being a new seat has a golden opportunity to send a strong message to Parliament and the new Government that the environment does matter and that we need to address Global Warming and Climate Change now - and that these are some of the most important issues we shall face this century.

Unless we have some Green Members of Parliament to hold the other parties to account and keep pushing and fighting for us all, Parliament will just keep fumbling along with no real change. So if like me you are worried about your children's future - or even about your own - then you must vote for me, you must vote for the Green Party so that change happens.

Parliament itself needs to change; this "cosy" two party system is not working. If, like me, you have been appalled over the last year at what our elected representatives have been getting up to (fraud, lying and cheating over their expenses) then voting for the Greens gives you a chance to send someone to Parliament who believes in true values and working for the greater good.
Hammersmith needs someone who will be able to hold these corrupt career politicians to account and report back to you on what actually happens in Parliament.

One more Tory or Labour or Liberal MP will not make a difference, but a Green one will.

22 March 2010