Meet The Candidates: Part Three

Find out who is standing locally for UKIP

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Joining the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green candidates for the parliamentary seat of Hammersmith, Vanessa Crichton will be standing locally for the UK Independence Party.


Vanessa Crichton, UK Independence Party


Being a member of the European Union impacts on everything from housing, parking, hospitals, doctors, food, etc. so to set out local policies is quite meaningless as
we have no control to do anything about them. Once we leave the EU the saving will
be £16 billion per annum and VAT, which is solely an EU tax, will not be paid
therefore making most things we buy cheaper by 17.5%.

Shepherd's Bush has been affected by immigration like most of London and until
illegal immigrants are deported together with those filling our prisons, the strain
on our infrastructure and services will get worse. The EU fines Councils for rubbish in landfill sites; I believe we should decide how to use our land. Doctors from EU countries do not have a language or standards test before they practise in this country; some have been shown to be incompetent, this has to change.

13 April 2010