No Entry To Hammersmith Park

Local green space closed for a whole week


Padlocked gates at Hammersmith Park

Creation of new play areas in Hammersmith Park causes controversy


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Local residents heading to Hammersmith Park this morning (April 12) were faced with a shock: padlocked gates closing the whole area off.

A sign on the gates informed people that the park would be closed for the whole week, due to the refurbishment work currently being carried out.

"The park is closed because heavy lifting equipment is currently being used as part of the ongoing refurbishment works. Site notices did go up in March advising that this closure would occur. The park will reopen on Monday," a Council spokesperson said.

Many people could be seen heading down Frithville Gardens, finding the gates locked and having to turn around again.

Work is currently underway to create two new play areas in the park, including one for older children to the east of the existing playground. A Zen-style rock garden is also being created next to the Japanese Garden which will double up as a further playground.

As well as the two new play areas, the Japanese Garden itself is also being renovated, starting with the draining of the pond. The stones on the arched bridge have also been removed and will now be repaved with flat paddlestones.

The work in Hammersmith Park is due to be finished around the end of April with a festival in the park scheduled for the end of May.

12 April 2010