Japanese Garden Celebrates 100th Birthday

All are invited to the party in Hammersmith Park


Hammersmith Park closed for a whole week

Creation of new play areas in Hammersmith Park causes controversy


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Despite the apparently slow progress at Hammersmith Park, a Japanese garden party is on course to take place there on Sunday May 23 from noon - 4pm, to celebrate the 100th annniversary of the Japan British Exhibition.

Hammersmith Park is currently undergoing major restoration work with the creation of three play areas and the overhaul of the Japanese Garden.

The garden was constructed as one of the attractions of the Japan-British Exhibition of 1910. It was authentic in every respect, boasting features such as wooden bridges, a pavilion and stone lanterns. A garden designer and workmen from Japan were specially commissioned to build it.

100 years later, little of the original garden remains but work is currently underway to restore it as closely as possible to its original design.

Two famous Japanese gardeners have given their time and advice to make the authentic features, including a traditional gravel garden, which draws on the influence of
Japanese Zen gardens. Children will be able to climb on large rocks in the shape of a turtle, a crane and the Chinese character for the heart, which are set in gravel
that can be raked on formal occasions to create different Japanese patterns.

The late May garden party will include Japanese martial arts demonstrations and dance performances, Taiko drumming, Enka singing, traditional kamishibai storytelling and other family -oriented Japanese activities. Japanese food including yakisoba, tako-yaki and sushi will also be on sale.

The event is free and open to everyone.

9 May 2010