New QPR Stadium Could Be The Sulzeer Campbell

Arsenal fan Linford Christie retains naming rights on the site

Linford Christie Stadium


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The Linford Christie Stadium Consultation

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The ongoing saga of Queens Park Rangers search for a new stadium has taken a new twist today. As part of the consultation exercise currently being undertaken by Hammersmith and Fulham council an examination of the covenants that were written relating to the naming of the Linford Christie stadium has shown that the Olympic gold medal winner retains naming rights in the event of a redevelopment of the ground.

The proposal is that the athletics track in Wormwood Scrubs have a premier league class stadium built on it to allow QPR to move from their Loftus Road base. The site is currently the home of the Thames Valley Harriers and named after their most famous former member. The Council are consulting on a range of options and QPR's preferred choice is for the sale of the land to the club for a 'traditional stadium' of 35,000 capacity but with no entertainment venue.

While this would be the cheapest option at just £70.4m, the council says it would result in a cumulative loss to the borough of £12.1m over ten years. QPR's proposals, revealed last November in a report called 'A Vision for a Redeveloped Loftus Road Site' are for the site to be redeveloped to add between 450 and 550 new homes, housing around 1,200 residents, plus 18,500 square feet of retail space.

The online consultation  which is open for 12 weeks - until 12 June - asks people for their views on three options for the stadium

Although we haven't been able to speak directly to Mr Christie, sources who claim to be friends of his, says that the sprinter was delighted to hear he retained the discretion to decide the name of the new stadium should it be built. He reportedly, declined the opportunity to retain his own name on the new ground and thought long and hard before opting for ‘The Sulzeer Campbell' as his choice.

As an Arsenal fan and friend of Sol Campbell he was anxious not to pick a name which would be divisive. The centre half, who is currently the manager of Macclesfield Town, spent time on the coaching staff at QPR as well as being an England legend, so it was felt this was a name that would bring all fans of the game together.

We have not had a comment from the Council, QPR or Linford Christie on this report.


April 1, 2019

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