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New measures for Zones G & J

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The results of the Council's consultations on parking in Zones G and J have been published.

The consultations, which took place earlier this year, were aimed at finding out what specific parking problems had arisen since the arrival of Westfield a year ago.

In Zone G, which is the closest area to the shopping centre, residents who responded to the consultation were mostly not in favour of a residents' only parking system, apart from those living directly next to it.

“67% of respondents were in favour of the current shared use parking system. Around 30% of respondents were in favour of a permit holders only system, the vast majority of these respondents being from Macfarlane Road and Hopgood Street,” the Council report says.

The report states that those streets which are right on Westfield's doorstep have experienced the most severe parking problems over the past year: “Macfarlane Road faces a unique situation as it is the most convenient location for Westfield shoppers to park. Residents of this street have been very vocal about their situation over the last year and the situation could worsen when the 2 hour free parking in the Westfield car park comes to an end.” 

Across Zone G, one of the main concerns was that visitors should not have to pay the regular pay-and-display rate: “Residents feel very strongly about some concession on the parking tariff being given to their visitors in the evenings and on weekends,” the report states.

The Caxton Village Residents' Association, Macfarlane Road Residents' Association, and Greenside Residents' Action Group all called for free visitor parking after 6pm and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

According to the Council report, the main recommendations for Zone G are:

  • A shared use parking system will be maintained in all streets in Zone G except Macfarlane Road where a permit holder's only system will be introduced
  • Controlled hours will be extended from 9am – 8pm to 9am - 10pm for the whole of Zone G
  • The days of control will be Monday to Sunday for the whole of Zone G
  • A maximum stay of 1 hour for pay and display parking will be introduced
  • The SMART visitor permit will be introduced in Zone G, replacing the current paper visitor permit system
  • The SMART visitor permit will operate a zero charge rate on Sundays, and Monday to Saturday after 8pm

Under the SMART visitor permit system, residents' visitors can park during controlled hours, regardless of the maximum stay for the area. Like an Oyster card, the permit can be topped up and used when needed. The Council say it is cheaper than the regular pay-and-display tariff.

In Zone J, which is to the west of Zone G and is bordered by the QPR football ground in the north and Goldhawk road in the south, Westfield shoppers did not appear to be an issue. The main concern for residents was parking on QPR match days.

“The football supporters should not be allowed to congest the Loftus Road area. Residents should have some means of a guaranteed space. I am a nurse and when I return I can never find a space,” wrote one respondent.

“During football matches all parking north of Uxbridge Road should be 'residents only' as per Fulham stadium. Residents suffer enough noise, rubbish and vandalism without being unable to park in their street. Residents who pay for their permit can't park in their streets,” wrote another.

Although the report acknowledges this is a major issue, no further measures appear to be in the pipeline: “The single biggest issue raised by the residents of Zone J is that of match day parking when QPR are playing at home. The Council is not currently considering a match day parking programme for the parking zones around QPR,” the report says.

Most of those who responded to the Zone J consultation said they wanted the current parking regime to stay the same. Only 48% of people said they wanted controlled hours on Saturdays and 26% wanted them on Sundays.

“I find present parking restrictions perfectly satisfactory. There are always spaces, other than very rarely on QPR matches. The loss of free visitor parking in evenings & weekends is too big a price to pay. There is no Westfield parking in Zone J,” wrote one respondent.

As with Zone G respondents, residents in Zone J were concerned about visitors' parking.
“It's outrageous that visitors should have to pay at weekends even if discounted,” wrote one. “Instead of SMART visitor permit we should be entitled to visitor permit ticket books as in many other boroughs,” wrote another.

The main recommendations for Zone J are:

  • Parking controls in Zone J will remain unchanged at Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm
  • The SMART visitor permit system will be introduced.

26 October, 2009