The Mud is Back on Wormwood Scrubs

But tricky ground underfoot doesn't deter runners, says Charlie Le Rougetel

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Parkrun 176 - October 18

Big news of the day at Wormwood Scrubs parkrun - the mud has returned! It was our first muddy run for six months and, in parts, the ground was pretty tricky underfoot. But despite its wintery appearance, the weather was reminiscent of summer at 20 degrees and with super high humidity.

Run director Martin Gillies kicked off this morning's run with an announcement about our very first Wormwood Scrubs Christmas social. This will be Christmas dinner and drinks on Saturday 6th December at a local bar. If you would like to come, please email us at or join the group on Facebook so we can get an idea on numbers and look for a suitable venue. Friends and family are, of course, more than welcome to join us.

It was extra busy on the Scrubs with lots of officials and runners floating about waiting for the South of England XC Relay Championships to start. We'd like to say a big congratulations to the Thames Valley Harriers senior women who were crowned champions.

This week there were 43 runners at the Scrubs, of whom five were first timers and two recorded new personal bests – congratulations Peter Barrow and Anthony Ball. Of our 43 runners, eight didn't have barcodes – it's not essential to have them, but if you are registered for parkrun, try and remember to bring them so that you at least get an official time and a point towards the red tee shirt, which segues neatly into big congratulations to Bedros Kabrielian who ran his 50th parkrun today – 36 at the Scrubs and 14 at Gunnersbury. We look forward to seeing you in your red shirt when it arrives.

First over the line and first in the men's placings was ?Gideon REID of Serpentine RC with a time of 19:54 – his fourth win in 16 appearances. ?Nuno MONTEIRO (SM30-34) was second in 20:36.

First female over the line this week was ?Patricia THOMAS of Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC in 25:38 – her first time win in three appearances, with ?Kate O'DONOGHUE of Thames Valley Harriers finishing in second place in 26:35. Kate also looked after the course set up and close down this week, thank you Kate. We also managed to keep Poppy (Kate's dog) safe from harm this week (and from wandering off), which was a relief all round.

Current standing in the men's annual points competition (it's SO tight and all to play for):
Rizwan RAUF (Unattached) 1372 pts
Nick MICHAEL (Thames Valley Harriers) 1337 pts
Peter JORDAN (Thames Valley Harriers) 1281 pts.

Current standing in the women's annual points competition:
Charlotte LE ROUGETEL (Unattached) 1170 pts (WHOOP!)
Marion BRYDSON (Thames Valley Harriers) 1130 pts
Kirstie TEW (Unattached) 858 pts

Thank you, thank you, to our volunteers Ben LE ROUGETEL, Charlotte LE ROUGETEL, Janos BREZNICZKY, Kate O'DONOGHUE and Martin GILLIES. The roster is completely bare next weekend so if you are free to volunteer - perhaps you have an injury or a big run next Sunday - it would be great if you can help out. And if you are free at any point in November, that would be great.

You can find today's full results and a complete event history on the Wormwood Scrubs parkrun Results Page.

Happy running and see you next Saturday.


Parkrun 175 - October 11

This week’s Wormwood Scrubs parkrun was brought to you by the letter ‘D' for dogs. The comedy dog moment came when a greyhound rocketed out of nowhere to almost trip James Malcolm as he sprinted towards the finish funnel! Thankfully James is skilled at staying on his feet and also saw the funny side.

The non-comedy dog moment came when Kate O’Donoghue’s Poppy decided to wander off when Kate was volunteering for the event close down tasks. Thankfully, after a very tense half hour and a very worried search party, a call came through to say the Parks Police had little Poppy and she was reunited with one very happy owner.

Dog chaos aside, 43 runners joined us this week, including nine first timers. The ground was soft and soggy after a downpour the day before, but the sun was shining and it was a truly beautiful autumnal morning. Three of our 43 runners secured personal bests, included Andy Fooks who was first over the line in an amazing 17:11, well over two minutes faster than our second placed runner. This was Andy’s third win in three appearances. Nicolas Perriot and Filipa Silva also recorded PBs - congratulations! Our first woman over the line on Saturday was Andrea Broughton in 22:41 - her 13th first place in 36 appearances.

Current standing in the men's annual points competition and it’s looking super close:
Rizwan RAUF (Unattached) 1289 pts.
Nick MICHAEL (Thames Valley Harriers) 1253 pts.
Peter JORDAN (Thames Valley Harriers) 1196 pts.
Current standing in the women's annual points competition:
Marion BRYDSON (Thames Valley Harriers) 1130 pts.
Charlotte LE ROUGETEL (Unattached) 1074 pts.
Kirstie TEW (Unattached) 858 pts.
We all wish Marion Brydson well - Marion broke her wrist on her last day on holiday in California last week and had to bow out of the Royal Parks. Well done to Willam Paynter who did take part, just two weeks after securing a 1:59 at the Ealing Half. Also good luck to Kirstie Tew who has started her ascent of Kilimanjaro.

Now forgive us for mentioning the ‘C’ word in October, but it really is time to think about Christmas and the plan is to host the first ever Wormwood Scrubs parkrun Christmas social on 6th December. Please email us - - or let us know at next week’s event - if you’re free and if you’d like to go for a meal, or just a pint and a packet of crisps. As soon as we know what people prefer, and we have an idea on numbers, we’ll get something booked up.

Big thanks to our volunteers this week - Kate O’Donoghue, Martin Gillies, William Paynter, Simon Maddison and Charlie Le Rougetel (and Ben Le Rougetel, who joined me to serve the teas and flapjacks post run!). We have a very sparse volunteer schedule over the next few weeks so please do get involved if you can - tasks are easy and all of the runners are very appreciative of all volunteers. Check the roster here.

Happy running!



October 27, 2014