Santa Joins the Runners on Wormwood Scrubs

Charlotte Le Rougetel reports on the final pre-Christmas outing

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Parkrun 185 - December 20

The final parkrun before Christmas and just 19 runners lined up at Wormwood Scrubs on Saturday. One of the 19 - James Spender – dressed up in a Father Christmas outfit.

The conditions weather wise were pleasant – chilly but not too cold – perfect for a winter run. But the mudslides were potentially treacherous.

Martin Gillies crossed the line first again in 20:19, his third first place finish. Father Christmas, AKA James SPENDER, was second in 21:07 and

Jamie KELLY third in a time of 22:40. First female over the line this week was Andrea Brough th first place. Second female was our tourist Lindsey Annable and third Charlotte Le Rougetel.

Current standing in the men's annual points compet
- Rizwan RAUF (Unattached) 2035 pts.
- Nick MICHAEL (Thames Valley Harriers) 1928 pts.
- Peter JORDAN (Thames Valley Harriers) 1788 pts.

Current standing in the women's annual points competition:

- Charlotte LE ROUGETEL (Unattached) 1847 pts.
- Kirstie TEW (Unattached) 1622 pts.
- Marion BRYDSON (Thames Valley Harriers) 1598 pts.

Thank you to our volunteers this week: Barbara MADDISON, Ben LE ROUGETEL, Charlotte LE ROUGETEL, Fran SANTOS, Martin GILLIES, Peter JORDAN, Rizwan RAUF and Simon MADDISON. And a big thank you to Ali – the new manager at Sweatshop Notting Hill – for popping down to visit and say hello to us all. The shop's winter sale is now on, so if you're after new shoes or clothing for the New Year, pop up and say hi. And don't forget you get an additional discount if you mention that you're a parkrunner. Ali is popping down again next week.

We're still looking for a timekeeper on December 27th at the Scrubs, so if you're free and you fancy volunteering it would be much appreciated. Just email us at

Have a lovely Christmas all of you!


If you want to run on Christmas Day and you are gutted there’s no run at the Scrubs, our closest open run is Northala off the A40, which kicks off at 0900. Rumour has it a number of Wormwood Scrubs parkrunners will be in attendance. See you there!

If you do Northala and you find you still haven’t had your fill of holiday parkrunning, then you can not only get out and run on New Year’s Day, you can get out and run the double, with Richmond parkrun starting at 0900 and Fulham at 1030. Follow Martin Gillies on his bike for the journey between the two!


December 22, 2014