Fourth Birthday Party for Wormwood Scrubs Parkrunners

Along with prizes and trophies at end of year awards

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  Parkrun 211 - June 20

The weather was good for running – not too hot, but not raining either. The Scrubs is being heavily used by other sports events at the moment – this time, we were treated to the spectacle of sponsored football matches as far as the eye could see. This meant that the car park was a bit full, but we were able to run along the side of the pitches and not to have to make any detours from our normal course. I’m sure it gave the runners a welcome distraction on that hill that has to be tackled twice!

A total of 43 runners turned out to run the 2.5 laps of the course; the usual mixture of Scrubs regulars, Scrubs occasionals and a sprinkling of 6 Scrubs first timers. Hope you had a good time and hope to see you back with us at some point!

First over the line with a barcode was Peter Hucker of Durham University Cross Country Club, in a time of 19:18. He was followed by Colm Doherty, in 19:28, and Alex Harris of Reading Road Runners in a new PB of 19:35. Well done, guys!

First woman over the line was Sarah Taylor with a new PB of 24:15, followed by Agatha Obiekwe in a new PB of 25:06 and Barbara Maddison of Thames Valley Harriers in 26:51. Well done, ladies!

There were 12 PBs: in addition to those already mentioned, congratulations go to William Ferrand, Alvin Ho, Freddie Sims, Richard Aldridge, Rasa Owondault-Berre, Chris Boole, Alex Fleming-Brown, Diana Leth and Elizabeth Sardari-Kermani.

The best age-graded scores this week were achieved by Alex Harris, with 73.53%, Cliff Collins, with 72.85% and Simon Rubens, with 70.47%.

Thanks very much, as always, to today’s volunteers: Andrea BROUGHTON, James DOE, Robert FERGUSON, Barbara MADDISON, Simon MADDISON, Jerome MATIL and Nick MICHAEL. As you know, we rely on volunteers, so if you’d like to get involved in volunteering at the Wormwood Scrubs Parkrun, please email

Don’t forget that you can also donate to the Scrubs parkrun via the following link.

Happy running and see you next week!


Parkrun 210 - June 13

There were trophies and prizes, James Malcolm’s famous millionaire’s shortbread and James Spender’s chocolate cake, dates from Candace and macarons from Kirstie. Yep. You guessed it. Last Saturday was Wormwood Scrubs’ fourth birthday party and end of year awards.

All in all it was  fabulous morning, albeit with some eyebrow-raising surprises, including the Cancer Research Race for Life event that had camped over part of our course before we’d even arrived. A few very minor route alterations, clearly marked out by RD Martin Gillies, and we were on our way. The weather was warm with a feisty breeze – some might say (including me) it was perfect running weather.

Exactly 50 runners had joined us on the start line, including some parkrun tourists who’d come especially to help us celebrate our birthday. First over the finish line was Christian NIELSEN (VM40-44) of Thames Valley Harriers in 18:54, his second first place finish in 26 appearances and a brand new PB - congratulations. First female finisher was Marta SAWICKA (SW25-29) of Imperial College Cross Country & AC in 22:26, her third time in four appearances.

Alex S HARRIS (VM45-49) of Reading Roadrunners, was second male finisher in 19:50 (a new PB for him!) and Daniel SHARPE (SM25-29) third in 20:19. Andrea BROUGHTON (VW50-54) of Thames Valley Harriers was second female finisher in 23:24 and Donna RAWLINGS (VW35-39) third in 25:11.

With our fourth year done and dusted and the points tables wiped clean, it’s all change at the tops of the tables!

Current standing in the men's annual points competition:
- Jerome MATIL (Unattached) 100 pts.
- Manuel CORRIENTE (Vegetarian Cycling and AC) 100 pts.
- Ben LE ROUGETEL (Unattached) 100 pts.

Current standing in the women's annual points competition:
- Kirstie TEW (Unattached) 100 pts.
- Sunday BOVILL-BELLIENI (Unattached) 100 pts.
- Charlie LE ROUGETEL (Thames Valley Harriers) 100 pts

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
- Alex S HARRIS (VM45-49) was graded 72.61%
- Andrea BROUGHTON (VW50-54) was graded 72.51%
- Christian NIELSEN (VM40-44) was graded 72.22%

Seven runners recorded new PBs including Peter Jordan, who nailed a new PB for the first time in two years! Fantastic work and what a day to do it. A great run from Barbara Maddison, too, who was just three seconds out from matching her PB.

A massive thank you as ever to this week’s volunteers Sunday BOVILL-BELLIENI, Fraser BRYDSON, Manuel CORRIENTE, Martin GILLIES, Peter JORDAN, Charlie LE ROUGETEL, Ben LE ROUGETEL, Jerome MATIL and Kirstie TEW.

Thank you twice to Jerome for also bringing us some 20% discount vouchers for Sweatshop in Notting Hill. And a big congratulations to John McCarthy who was awarded Wormwood Scrubs parkrunner of the month for May and wins a pair of free training shoes from Sweatshop.

And now on to the exciting bit of this week’s report – the annual prizegiving!

First things first, a huge thank you to Martin Gillies and Rob Ferguson who have been brilliant event directors and run directors this year. Without them Wormwood Scrubs parkrun either wouldn’t happen or it would happen but be a little more taxing for whoever is left to sort out the results!

Award number one: Martin Gillies for smashing the event director course record in a time of 18:32 much to Rob’s disappointment, though to be fair he did buy him a nice book.

Award number two: parkrunners who have volunteered more than 15 times – lovely new Hilly running socks were awarded to five volunteers – Ben Le Rougetel, Fraser Brydson, Peter Jordon, Rizwan Rauf and, me, Charlie Le Rougetel.

Award number three: top male and female volunteers: Peter Jordan and, me, Charlie Le Rougetel, who were awarded the fantastic parkrun celebration books.

Award number four: most PBs – congratulations Barabar Maddison – enjoy your lovely orange parkrun tee shirt!

Award number five: best vet – this award goes to Andrea Broughton, who has also been an invaluable volunteer this year helping out as run director, and who has also scored the most first finishers. Andrea won a parkrun teeshirt.

Award number six: best tea boys and girls! Teapigs were presented as a thank you to me, Ben, Fraser Brydson, Marion Brydson and Nick Michael,

Final awards: Male and female points winners – the trophies and fantastic parkrun hoodies were awarded to Riz and me, Charlie Le Rougetel.

Last word – thank you to Sunday for taking some fantastic photos this week – check them out on Flickr.

Phew! I think we’re done. I think that’s the end of the report. What a fantastic year – thank you everyone for joining us whether running, volunteering or both!

Happy running


June 22, 2015