40 Runners Face 'Lazy Wind' on Wormwood Scrubs

That's one that goes through you rather then round you, explains Kate O'Donoghue

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Parkrun race 249 - March 5

Forty runners hazarded a ‘lazy’ wind (one that goes through you rather than round you) on the 249th Wormwood Scrubs parkrun this morning, facing a Met Office ‘yellow’ warning of icy patches and wintry showers. Or as Run Director Andrea BROUGHTON said: ‘I am reliably informed it is muddy… wet… and slippery'.

We had seven first timers and a warm welcome goes to Matthew DOBBS and Sarah LIVERMORE on their first ever parkrun, and to parkrun tourists Anique DA COSTA and Antonio Gomes DA COSTA whose line up includes South Africa’s magnificently named Piggly Wiggly parkrun, Chris BROUGH, and Andrew and Susan MUMBY visiting from Essex. Kate DOBBS and Alex BALL achieved PBs, no mean feat (feet?) given the conditions. Congratulations all.

Our valiant volunteers this week were Run Director Andrea BROUGHTON, who didn’t oversleep, fab photographer Fran SANTOS this week on Timekeeping, Charlie LE ROUGETEL on barcode scanning (hope your lurg leaves you soon), Finish Tokens Elizabeth MITCHELL, Pre-event Setup Kirstie TEW whose marathon training (according to my sources) is ramping up nicely, Post-event Close Down Peter JORDAN whose collar bone is mending nicely and will soon no longer provide an excuse for not running, Run Report Writer Kate O’DONOGHUE (standing in for Charlie LE ROUGETEL) and our ravishing refreshers Marion BRYDSON and Fraser BRYDSON on Teas at Tee Vee Aitch.

Did you know? Evidence suggests that long runs boost slow twitch muscle fibres, oxygen take up, efficient use of glycogen and fat, strengthen bones, tendons, ligaments, your heart and lungs.

In the words of the sage ‘I didn’t say it would be easy, only that it would be worth it...’. With 49 days, 17 hours, 13 minutes and 5 seconds to go (as I write) until the London Marathon, good luck to all our entrants.

So for a fanfare, tootle on your trumpet, here are the RESULTS

In the women’s race Karen Victoria SVENDSEN was first in 27:22, Vicky LAMBERT was second in 27:23 and Kate O'DONOGHUE was third in 27:46.

In the women's annual points competition Marion BRYDSON has 2588 points, Kirstie TEW has 2523, and Andrea CALDERWOOD has 2451 points. Can Marion defend her title? Put June 11th in your diary, for our mighty fifth birthday party, when we will find out.

In the men’s race, Fergus JOHNSON was first in 18:25, an unknown runner was second and James SPENDER was third in 20:32.

In the men's annual points competition James SPENDER has 3003 points, and Manuel CORRIENTE with 2870 points has overtaken Nick MICHAEL on 2854 points.

Chris BROUGH (VM65-69) came third on Age Grading with 65.72% for the time 25:46.

Remember, running is fun, so see you next time.

Kate O'Donoghue

Parkrun 248 - February 27


March 7, 2016