Ice Age Comes To Wood Lane

3D pavement artists sets new world record

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A street painter has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest ever 3D pavement art.

Edgar Mueller created a scene from the movie Ice Age 3 on the pavement outside Westfield.

The German artist beat his own world record by covering an area of 330 square metres with a wintry scene inspired by the family film.

The pavement art took six days to create and includes Ice Age 3 characters Manny, Buck, Sid, Diego, Scrat and Scratte positioned over an icy crevasse.

Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief of Guinness World Records was on hand to verify the new world record.

"Guinness World Records has been monitoring the fantastic work of Edgar Mueller for some time now, and we're thrilled to be so closely involved with his latest record-breaking creation. Children - and adults - around the world are blown away by Edgar's eye-popping landscapes, and he truly deserves a place in the record books taking the art of pavement of drawing to stratospheric new levels," he said.

The German artist travels the world creating 3D illusions on pavements and uses the street as his canvas. But Mueller says the elements, and particularly rain, can disrupt his work.

“I leave and paint a new picture tomorrow. This is often the best thing street painters can do, because even a few drops can destroy a picture in seconds which often took days to paint.”

Weather permitting, the image will remain on the pavement in Wood Lane for a further week.

November 24, 2009

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