Residents Meet Tonight to Discuss Market Plans

30 - 52 Goldhawk Road also on agenda at old library

A meeting is being held tonight, Wednesday October 6 at 6pm at the old library in Uxbridge Road to discuss the proposed developments to Shepherd's Bush market and 30-52 Goldhawk Road. 

The meeting is open to all local people and the organisers hope it will be attended by local MP Andy Slaughter.

Last month, the council claimed that redevelopment of the market is now a step closer with a developer, Orion Shepherds Bush Limited coming forward to tell Hammersmith and Fulham council that they are potentially interested in regenerating the area.

A consultation with residents - the second this year - is underway on the council’s overall vision of the market, known as a "planning and regeneration brief". The brief proposes that the Transport for London-owned market would be enlarged to take in a former laundry site on Pennard Road, along with land currently owned by Broadway Centre and Peabody Trust and redeveloped to include new homes and public spaces.

The council claims that three quarters of the traders in the market are for the proposals, but on our forum, Ameet Marwaha writes to say: " This is not true. Every single trader - 20 shops - are totally against the idea."

And he also says: " We trade in shepherds bush market at shop number 41. We would be the first to be affected by this development and are very worried. Ours is a family run business and we have been here for over 30 years.

"The answers we get from the council are NOT good enough, they are vague and evasive. We are being pushed aside. It seems they are interested in simply making the area into yet another money spinning commercial attraction."

Local residents are also concerned that the planning brief proposes the demolition of 30-52 Goldhawk Road. As Coll McDonnell says on our forum: " At the moment this row of shops does not look much. (This is in part due to the fact that late last century Hammersmith and Fulham enforced the removal of cornicing on "health and safety grounds".) 

" But the reality is this terrace was built in the early to mid nineteenth century and they are good examples of Victorian shops.    The fact that they have fallen on hard times is no reason to have them demolished.  Rather this should be seen as an opportunity to have them restored to their former charm. "

Discussions on the forum have led to residents setting up a page on Facebook, Save 30 - 52 Goldhawk Road from Demolition.

Tonight's meeting, at the library which sits at the Uxbridge Road end of Shepherd's Bush market, comes ahead of a H&F Council Cabinet meeting on on Thursday, October 14, to discuss whether to give developer Orion an option to buy the council’s land on Pennard Road, which is known as the former laundry site.

Council members will decide whether to adopt the updated planning brief, following the latest public consultation, at the full council meeting on October 27 .A full copy of the council’s draft planning and regeneration brief can be viewed here

To be sent a hard copy email or call Jackie Simkins in the council’s planning department, on 020 8753 3460. If you wish to respond, the deadline is 5pm on Monday, October 11.

June 20, 2011