WW1 Heroes to Be Honoured at St Stephen's Church

Soldiers' relatives warmly invited to re-dedication of memorial

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WW1 Memorial at St Stephen's in Shepherd's Bush

The Church of St Stephen's and St Thomas

Contact The Rev Anne Cowley at anne@ststephensshepherdsbush.org


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Are you related to a First World War local hero?

91 men are commemorated on a memorial to the fallen of the First World War in St Stephen’s Church in Uxbridge Road.

The memorial, now re-hung in the church, will be re-dedicated on Remembrance Sunday to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the War, and the church is now keen to find relatives of the men.

They say that if your family is represented on the Memorial, please contact them. You are warmly invited to join the service on November 9 at 10am.

The church will also be open on Friday and Saturday November 7 and 8 from 10am – 4pm for visitors who wish to see the church’s memorial, newly cleaned and re-hung. There will also be a small exhibition, with histories of the men, maps to show where they lived in Shepherd's Bush and where they are buried in France, plus photographs, books, posters and other items associated with the First World War.

Here are the names of the men listed on the memorial:

Batstone            John            Thomas
Bell                   Lauriston            P E
Bell                   Thomas            
Bentley            Edward            John
Bishop              F Donald            Hinton
Bollington         J            H
Boyce               W            S
Boynton            Percy            Frederick
Bricknell           William            D R
Brooks               Jack            
Brooks                A            E
Carey                  Charles            
Carter                  Leslie            James
Chatters              Percy            Chatters
Cressey              Stephen            
Crook                 William            
Culver                 William            Alfred
Davidson            Thomas            F
Dixon                 Thomas            David
Dodson              Ralph            George
Dodson              William            
Donovan            Frederick            Joseph
Dorrington        Herbert            
Ebbetts              Sidney            Arthur
Everitt               Charles            Francis
Every                 E            C
Fitch                   Harold            
Fitzgibbon          Harold            H
Fitzgibbons        H            W W
Ford                    William            Albert
Foster                 Edwin            
Foster                  William            
Gale                    Ralph            George
Gidley                Geoffrey            Damarel
Gidley                 Robert             Dudley
Godfrey            Albert            Frederick
Godfrey            William            Henry
Healy                  Albert            Edward
Hind                   Montague            M
Hobbs                Albert            William J
Hobbs               Henry            W
Hughes            Herbert            Stanley
Hutchings          Robert             Sydney
Irvin                  Henry            Frederick
Jones                  Thomas            
Kempton            Charles            
Kennerley          George                        Randall
Leach                 Richard             Ernest
Lethbridge-Davis        Ralph            
Linstead            D            W
McGillicuddy    T            J
Marshall            Alfred            Albert
Marshall            William            
Meyrick             F            R
Mobberley         Lionel            Westwood
Morgan             D            H
Munton             Frank            
Napier               C            G D
Nelson              H            W
Nice                  Charles            Maurice
Nice                   Harold            E
Noterman           H            L
Parrott                 A            W
Pealing                Alfred
Pearse                  Robert             William
Pettitt                    Henry            H
Port                      Arthur            Guy
Port                      Walter            William
Ramsay               William            Roland
Raynor                 Ernest            Godfrey
Roe                     William            
Roughton            William            Joseph
Rogers                  E            T
Rowe                   Frank            Charles
Rush                    Sydney            Walter
Saunders            E            C J
Shipway             Joseph            Ewart
Simmons            Edward            George
Skeggs               Leonard            John Sorrell
Skelton               Alfred            
Stebbings           Arthur            W
Tanse                 E            G
Thake                Harry            Thomas James
Train                 Reginald            Babington
Tucker              Reginald             William
Turner              Ernest            Arthur
Vincent            Edward            Walter
Ward                 Percy            Randall
Whotler            Arthur            Charles
Weight             Joseph            
Wroth               Archibald            Herbert

A full list including their addresses and other military and family information can be emailed to you. Please contact The Rev Anne Cowley, St Stephen’s Church: anne@ststephensshepherdsbush.org.

The Parish Church of St Stephen with St Thomas is at 1 Coverdale Road (on the corner with Uxbridge Road) in Shepherd's Bush.


November 4, 2014



November 4, 2014