Action Over Local Rat Run

New traffic-calming measures proposed

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The Council are proposing new traffic-calming measures in the residential streets near the Loftus Road football stadium following several accidents in the area and complaints that the zone has become a rat run.

Road traffic accident statistics show there have been five injuries over a three-year period in the area, which is bounded by Uxbridge Road to the south, Bloemfontein Road to the west, Loftus Road Stadium and Batman Close to the north and Stanlake Road to the east.

Residents also complain that motorists use the grid of side streets as a quick route to get from Uxbridge Road to Bloemfontein Road, particularly on football match days, and say the problem has got worse since the opening of Westfield.

Of the three options being proposed, the first involves turning the whole area into a 20mph zone. There would be signs and road markings indicating the new speed limit and a number of speed cushions would be put in place along the roads within the grid.

Under the second option, a raised speed table would be installed at the junction of Tunis Road and Swindon Street as this particular area has a history of traffic problems, leading to several complaints by residents.

The third option would be a combination of the first two proposals and would involve the implementation of a 20mph zone, speed cushions and the speed table.

The Council say that if residents are in favour of any of the options, the work will go ahead beginning with an audit of street furniture, followed by a “de-cluttering” exercise to improve the environment.

The new scheme is likely to come into operation in November 2009.

If you would like to take part in the consultation, click here.

August 29, 2009

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