Want To Be A Record Breaker?

Take part in local effort to set new world record

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Local Details:
Venue: Wormwood Scrubs Park and Local Nature Reserve

Time: Meet at 10:00am

Meeting point: Outside the Linford Christie Stadium, Du Cane Road

RSVP in advance for details of the exact location!
Tel: 020 8743 3040
Email: paul.clay@groundwork.org.uk


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A local charity is taking part in a national effort to set a new world record for the highest number of trees planted at the same time.

Groundwork London, based at Wormwood Scrubs Nature Reserve, is organsing a tree-planting event on December 5 as part of the BBC's Breathing Places campaign.

As part of National Tree Week, BBC Breathing Places has invited partners and audiences to join them in setting a new Guinness World Record for planting the most trees in one hour in multiple locations.

The aim is to plant a million trees, beating the current record of 653,143 trees.

The BBC say that to prove the trees have been planted, participants will have to photograph them with a date and time stamp and send the pictures to breathingplacestrees@bbc.co.uk by 12noon on 11th December 2009.

If a large number of trees is being planted, further proof will be needed, such as witness statements.

Participants are being advised to choose trees for planting that support the biodiversity of the location and are appropriate for the site, taking into account the soil type, the size of the area and how much further maintenance the tree is likely to need.

The most trees planted simultaneously is 653,143 by 516, 137 people along the National Highways of the
Philippines on 25 August 2006.

For more information on the BBC's Breathing Places campaign click here.

21 November 2009