Burst Water Main in Scrubs Lane

Traffic disruption and no water in surrounding area

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The southbound carriageway of Scrubs Lane is closed near the junction with Harrow Road due to a burst water main.

The closure will be in place until Monday 8 December but could continue until Wedensday 10 December, as there has been significant damage to the road and pavement which needs to be repaired.

The pipe burst on Thursday outside No. 13 Scrubs Lane, causing the water to be shut off.

On Thursday afternoon, several streets were reported as being without water, including: Scrubs Lane, Hythe Road, Waldo Road, Letchford Gardens & Mews, Vallerie Road, Rigeley Road & Mews, Kenmont Gardens, Ponsard Road, Holberton Gardens, Trenmar Gardens, Harrow Road and the White City Estate.

December 7, 2008