Westfield's Rink is Ready for Action

Ice Rink and Santa's Grotto will welcome visitors from this weekend

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London’s coolest ice rink is open to skaters from Saturday November 19. One of Westfield's top annual attractions, with over 100,000 people expected to take to the ice over the festive season, the rink offers visitors of all ages, from four upwards the chance to take time out from shopping for skating fun under its glass roof and dazzling Christmas lights.

There are a range of tickets available from singles to groups and you can now book your place on the ice from this weekend through till January 8. Find out more and make your booking online.

Westfield Ice Rink

Westfield's other big Christmas attraction is of course Santa's Grotto, and it will also be opening this weekend with a brand new 3D story that will take kids and adults alike on a magical festive journey. Santa Claus will be taking pictures with his little helpers and treating all his visitors to early Christmas presents.

The grotto is free to enter and you can find out more and book tickets here.