Friends of Wormholt Park Hold First Meeting

New group gather in ARK Conway School

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A group of Shepherd's Bush residents have just set up a Friends of Wormholt Park group, and inviting local people to attend their first meeting on Tuesday, February 22.

The Friends group has been established following dialogue between residents and H&F Council. The aim is to improve the park both in the short term and over a longer term development plan.

The council has agreed to provide funds to improve the park's facilities with work expected to start towards the end of the year.

First suggestions include more litter bins, mending benches, fixing child sized benches in the playground areas, and planting more roses.

Membership of the Friends Group is open to all, and the first meeting will take place on February 22 from 7pm till 8.30-pm at the new ARK Conway School, 50 Hemlock Road.

A treasurer, and representatives for Biodiversity and conservation, Events and
Activities, Disability and Discrimination, Children Young People and the Elderly, Sports
and Play, and Fund Raising and income generation will be elected at that meeting.

There will also be short presentations from Rob Kelly and Paul Bassi of the H&F Parks
Department, and for parents attending the meeting,  the Headteacher Designate at the ARK Conway Primary Academy, Damian McBeath will give a short presentation on his new school's needs for the forthcoming autumn.

Members of the new Friends Group will also agree in principle a new annual park event.

Anyone who would like help attending the meeting - either by escorting or physical assistance - is invited to call Bob Still on 07932 762448.