Could You be the Kiss Chosen One?

Search for new presenter starts at Westfield

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The Kiss Chosen One


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Radio station Kiss has begun a search to find its next presenter, with the first audition taking place at Westfield on January 15.

The competition, sponsored by Blackberry, is called The Kiss Chosen One and will give aspiring broadcasters the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of current Kiss talent and former listeners Rickie & Melvin & Charlie and have their voice heard by millions of listeners.

Live auditions will be taking place in various shopping centres around London kicking off at the Westfield complex on Saturday January 15.

The dance radio station says it’s not about having DJ skills, a BRIT Award-winning singing voice or dance moves to put Diversity to shame, all young people need to enter is the charisma and confidence to entertain the nation alongside some of the country’s leading radio personalities.

As well as these live auditions, entrants will be able to upload their audition online for the chance to be seen by the judges.

The judging panel will comprise of Kiss Group Programme Director Andy Roberts and a Kiss presenter at each event, including Manny Norté, Rickie, Melvin and Charlie, who will shortlist the five best entrants from each heat.

Those entrants will then face a gauntlet of trials and challenges, with the most successful contestant being crowned The Kiss Chosen One.

After Westfield on January 15, auditions will take place at Lakeside in Thurrock on January 22, the Whitgift Centre in Croydon on January 29 and an address in Central London on February 5.

Andy Roberts, Kiss Group Programme Director says:”It's always important for us to grow our own talent and to offer new opportunities to our listeners. This is a great chance for someone to get a head start in our industry on one of the most listened and watched media brands in the UK.”

January 9, 2011