Chelsea Fans Get the Blues

Council denies it put the brakes on plan for parade

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Hammersmith and Fulham Council have said they were prepared to hold the traditional parade in Fulham after Chelsea won the FA Cup. The council has denied reports that it refused to contribute to the cost of a parade, which would have been about £200,000.

In fact, according to the authority, it had arranged a meeting with the Blues, which was cancelled at the last minute with no explanation. Tens of thousands of fans have lines the streets near Stamford Bridge in previous years in order to celebrate the club's many triumphs. And the council past years even held special receptions for the Blues at Hammersmith Town Hall.

However, many Fulham residents complained about streets being closed off, noise and litter following the parade.

When asked for a comment, Chelsea Football Club directed Hammersmith Today to a statement on its website, which said: "Chelsea Football Club's preferred date for a victory parade was Sunday, May 20. However due to the logistical problems of organising the parade at short notice and the cost issues involved as a result, this was not achievable. We understand this may cause disappointment for some supporters but is due to circumstances beyond our control."

May 28, 2007