Meet Emery Walker, Backroom Boy of Arts and Crafts

Latest Greenside Arts Lecture on Tuesday February 12

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The Greenside Arts Lectures - Emery Walker

Greenside Primary School

Emery Walker


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The Greenside Arts Lectures at Greenside Primary School continue on Tuesday, February 12 with an illustrated talk on Emery Walker, a leading figure in the British Arts and Crafts movement and friend mentor to William Morris.

Emery Walker's house at 7 Hammersmith Terrace, perfectly preserved from the 1930s, is open to the public every year between spring and autumn.

The talk will be given by historian Dr Aileen Reid, a curator at the Emery Walker Trust.

Greenside Primary School in Westville Road opened on February 28 1952, was designed by controversial architect Erno Goldfinger. As part of his vision Goldfinger commissioned Gordon Cullen to paint a mural in the entrance hall, earning Greenside the star on its Grade II* listing.

Languishing unloved behind a red curtain for the last 20 years because it went ‘out of fashion’, the mural is now being brought back into school life by a dedicated team made up of parents, staff and members of the local community and known as The Friends of the Greenside Mural. 

They have kicked off a campaign to raise funds to renovate the mural, and Greenside Arts Lectures are part of that campaign.

There will be an opportunity to view the mid-century mural by Gordon Cullen, see the film of Alan Powers talking about the mural and support the restoration campaign – as well as time to have a drink and catch up with the cultural community of W12.

The evening begins at 7pm and runs till 9pm. You can find out more and book tickets here.


February 10, 2013