Have Your Say on Car Clubs in the Borough

Do you want to see more parking bays for hire cars?

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Local residents are being asked to help shape the future of car clubs in the borough.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council says that earlier in the year, it created four parking spaces in Hammersmith dedicated solely to car clubs, which allow members to hire cars from an hour up to a few weeks.

This trial scheme aims to relieve parking stress in the borough’s streets and give residents who do not own a car the opportunity to use one.

Four companies – Zipcar, Streetcar, City Car Clubs and Connect by Hertz – are currently able to park a car each in spaces in Nasmyth Street, Ravenscourt Road, Paddenswick Road and Beavor Lane.

But now the council wants residents and local businesses to share their views on the pilot scheme to help decide whether or not the current parking spaces should be made permanent, and whether more parking spaces should be created as part of the scheme.

Residents who are keen to join a car club are also being asked to suggest new locations for car club bays.

Cllr Nicholas Botterill, deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for environment, says:
" The new bays were created after we consulted residents about the idea of on-street car club spaces. The response was incredibly positive, with many saying they would consider signing up for membership if there were more local bays.

"Now that we can see the car club trial has been working, and having secured funding to expand the scheme, we want to push ahead and make car club bays a permanent fixture in the borough. As part of our Get H&F Moving campaign, we are trying to improve all modes of transport, and this will give residents the opportunity to drive a car – even if they don’t own one – and more choice in their travel options.

" The council will look at all the areas residents suggest, focusing on the most popular places where demand is greatest. These areas will be the most likely to get car club parking spaces."

The council says current car club bays were chosen because of resident demand and also because they are located close to bus stops and transport stations, to make the hire cars easily accessible. The advantages of car club for drivers include not having to worry about parking permits, insurance, maintenance and petrol.

Car club users also benefit the local community by helping to reduce parking stress, traffic congestion and improve local air quality.

The scheme forms part of the council’s ‘Get H&F moving’ campaign to help ease congestion and improve the local transport network. Residents who would like to comment on the trial or suggest new locations can contact: parkingpolicies@lbhf.gov.uk or write to: Parking Projects, 5th Floor, Hammersmith Town Hall Extension, Hammersmith, W6 9JU.

June 2, 2011