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Hammersmith and Fulham council say they want to implement several byelaws to protect the public from nuisance and to minimise the risk of potential offensive behaviour on public land within the Borough.

Local residents are invited to take part in the consultation and comment on the following:

Proposed Bye-laws:
1. To prohibit dangerous or nuisance skateboarding on footways and carriageways; prohibits dangerous or nuisance skateboarding on footways and carriageways.

2. To prohibit fairground attractions causing obstruction to traffic; does not allow a fairground attraction to cause obstruction or danger to the traffic in a street or public place.

3. Dangerous games near highways; stops games, for example football, being played that will cause obstruction to traffic or causes danger or gives reasonable grounds for annoyance to any person on the highway or living nearby.

4. Touting; stops people advertising or soliciting custom for any service or seeking to gather information for use in the supply of goods or services that causes obstruction, or gives reasonable grounds for annoyance, to any person in that street or public place.

5. Urinating; prohibits people from urinating or defecating in any street or public place, included but not limited to parks and open spaces.

6. Interference with roadwork warning equipment; stops people without lawful authority from moving or tampering with any lamp, reflector or other equipment used for giving warning of, or lighting, any obstruction, excavation or other danger in any road.

7. Interference with life saving equipment (e.g. life buoy rings and encasings besides a river/canal); except in cases of emergency, it stops people from removing, displacing or otherwise tampering with any life saving equipment placed by the Council or any other
competent authority in any street or public place.

8. Climbing upon and hanging from bridges - prohibits people without given authority from climbing on or hanging from any bridge, as well as those being involved in aiding or abetting such an act.

[N.B. This application does not apply to the Borough’s open spaces. The Council will be reviewing its open space byelaws and a separate public consultation for this is forthcoming].

27 April 2010