Bungling Burglar Jailed for Two Years

Pask, of Westway, was involved in six hour rooftop stand-off

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A bungling burglar from Shepherd's Bush who was stuck for six hours on the roof a house he had broken into has been sent to jail for two years.

Aaron Pask, 19, of Westway, Shepherd's Bush and his accomplice Christopher McNorthey, 22, from Winnersh in Berkshire had previously pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and public nuisance.

The pair were caught in the act when burgling a house in Kew on September 13. They tried to escape through a skylight, but found themselves surrounded by police, firefighters and ambulance crews.

They then refused to come down for six hours and instead larked about on the roof, chatting on their phones, taking pictures of each other and playing with laptop they had just stolen.

It was estimated at the time that their antics cost the public around £25,000.

Pask finally agreed to come down with the help of a fire brigade cherry picker, but Northey tried to climb to the back of the house and fell off into a neighbour's garden, sustaining minor injuries in the process.

On Thursday, Pask and McNorthey were each sentenced at Kingston Crown Court to 18 months behind bars for the first offence and six months for the second, to run consecutively.

Superintendent Jim Davis, of Richmond Police, said: "Burglary has a massive impact on the victims; we are committed to ensuring those responsible are put before the courts and will use every available resource to catch criminals.

"I am grateful the court has recognised the seriousness of their offence and the huge inconvenience caused when they refused to come down from the roof.

"Perhaps this will give them time to reflect on their actions."

November 1, 2010