Police Move to Dispel Rumours of Rapes in Wormwood Scrubs Park

"No credence to information" circulating in emails

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Hammersmith and Fulham police have acted to dispel rumours about two rapes which supposedly occurred in Wormwood Scrubs Park on Tuesday November 15.

Officers say they are aware that an email has been circulating around the local community, advising women to go out in pairs in the area for their safety.

However, they confirm that there have been no allegations of rape received for that area and woman can be reassured that there is no truth in the email.

Police add that at this stage they do not know where the rumour has originated from or that any malicious intent was meant.

Detective Chief Inspector Will Young from Hammersmith and Fulham Police says: " I can fully understand that anyone receiving this email would be concerned about its contents and I am keen to reassure them that it is false information.

" I would actively encourage you to pass this reassurance onto anyone who you know may have received the email, or have forwarded it on in good faith.

"Whilst there is no credence to this information I do take this opportunity to remind the public to take general safety precautions when they are out and beware of their surroundings when going about their daily lives."

Police say they are currently investigating three minor offences of a sexual nature which occurred in July, August and September in Wormwood Scrubs Park where a man was seen to be loitering in the area and acting suspiciously. Enquiries into these offences are ongoing.

However, police stress that they are not aware of any further incidents. Anyone with information on these offences is asked to call 020 8246 2747 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

November 17, 2011