Missing Shepherd's Bush Man Found Alive

Dan Hunt found in a gorge in Swiss Alps

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Dan Hunt, the Shepherd's Bush resident who was missing in the Swiss Alps has been found alive.

Dan (33) is reported to be safe and well and was pictured smiling and walking unaided after the rescue.

dan hunt alive

Dan (33) disappeared on Saturday after setting off with two friends taking part in the sport known as ‘speed flying’.

The alarm was raised when he failed to arrive at the agreed landing site in the Lauterbrunnen mountain area, a favourite with fans of the extreme sport.

Reports today said that he had been found in a gorge.

A report on a special Facebook page said that several people, most of whom experienced mountaineers, were at the scene.

"About 2/3rds of the Gorge has been covered by people on foot. A speedflyer is going to go and fly the line again at low level, to see if he can see anything from the air. The Swiss search and rescue team have shown amazing support.

"Later this morning, we are waiting to confirm the deployment of a helicopter with a man on a winch, who will be lowered into the trees." said the report from close to the scene.

Dan is the popular owner of the organic food shop on Turnham Green Terrace in Chiswick and lives in Shepherd's Bush.

His friends had launched an appeal to pay for a search and rescue mission, and needed to raise £6,000 to pay for dog teams to find his trail.

Speed flying involves skiing with a fast, fabric wing down a steep mountain slope at speeds of up to 75mph. It combines paragliding with skiing and is described as "the ultimate mountain high".

September 18, 2012