Councillor Frances Stainton is our New Mayor

Braveheart is her chosen charity for the year

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Councillor Frances Stainton

The Braveheart Programme

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Councillor Adronie Alford

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Cllr Frances Stainton was elected the new Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham at the council Annual General Meetingon Wednesday May 25.

Cllr Stainton succeeds Cllr Adronie Alford in the role, with Cllr Belinda Donovan serving as her deputy mayor.

Cllr Stainton first became a councillor in 1990 and during her council career has served first as chief whip and cabinet member for regeneration in 2006, and subsequently as cabinet member for parks, culture and heritage.

The chosen mayoral charity is Braveheart - a military charity dedicated to the relief and healing of the psychological and emotional scars of war both with serving members of the armed forces, and with veterans.

It is funding a five-year long scientific research project with Oxford University, which began this spring, that uses neurological technology to study how the brain is affected by combat related post-traumatic stress disorder.

Speaking after last night’s AGM about the year ahead and her charity, Cllr Stainton said: " I am looking forward to carrying out the role. I am going to ask everyone to help my chosen charity with all their hearts.

" I felt that many charities were helping soldiers with prosthetic limbs and giving counselling. They are superb. Braveheart looks at the causes of post traumatic stress, which is immensely valuable.

"“I have a number of military friends and have seen evidence of this disorder. Having met some people who have been affected by this issue in the Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation in Fulham, I feel they have given so much and they deserve all the help we can find for them."

Cllr Stainton oversaw the regeneration of Fulham Palace where she also held an exhibition of the borough’s treasures past and present. She has also sent some of the finest pieces from the Cecil French bequest of pre-Raphaelite paintings to exhibitions around the world. One is in Japan and Australia and the other, called The Cult of Beauty is currently at the V&A and runs until July 17. This will then continue to Paris and Los Angeles.

As cabinet member for culture and heritage she was instrumental in bringing Lottery Heritage funding to the borough for the much-wanted restoration of Bishops Park, Fulham Palace grounds and the ancient moat.

She added: " I am looking forward to the completion of this project and the full unveiling of the Fulham Palace grounds and Bishops Park."

Cllr Stainton has exhibited her oil paintings in Paris, London and Rome, and in her spare time she enjoys sport and sailing, in particular in Turkey. Her late husband was Suffolk MP, Keith Stainton, and Cllr Stainton has a very large family.

Cllr Stainton’s consorts are William Proger, Comte Edouard de Guitaut and her mayoress is Pauline Lyle-Smith.

The new council cabinet was also announced at last night’s meeting:

  • Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh - Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic and Housing Development
  • Cllr Nicholas Botterill - Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment and Asset Management
  • Cllr Mark Loveday - Cabinet Member for Strategy and Chief Whip
  • Cllr Helen Binmore - Cabinet Member for Children’s Services
  • Cllr Joe Carlebach - Cabinet Member for Community Care
  • Cllr Harry Phibbs - Cabinet Member for Community Engagement
  • Cllr Andrew Johnson - Cabinet Member for Housing
  • Cllr Greg Smith - Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services


May 26, 2011