68% at Burlington Danes Get First University Choice

Principal "extremely proud" of first sixth form A Level grades


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68% of Burlington Danes Academy's first ever Sixth Form cohort have achieved A Level grades required for their first choice university place, including several places at prestigious Russell Group universities such as Warwick, Bristol and Kings College London.

68% of Year 13 students taking A Levels also achieved grades A -C, and almost everyone - 98% - achieved A-E.

Students taking Modern Foreign Languages excelled, with 100% achieving grades A - C. Amongst other subjects, 78% of Maths students achieved A - C, while among English students the percentage was 75%.

Head of Sixth Form Matthew Jerred said: “We created a Sixth Form so that we could support our students right through to university, so today’s results mark a special moment for us at BDA.

" With university admissions becoming increasingly competitive I’m delighted that over 2/3 of our first ever Sixth Form cohort gained the grades required for their first choice university place."

Among Burlington Danes' star performers were Shamsa Ali, who achieved three A grades in Politics, RE and English and Ryan Walters who achieved one A* grade and three A grades in Business Studies, Maths, Politics and RE

Year 12 students taking AS Levels also did well, with 94% achieving grades A - E. Top performers included Philip Abraham, with three A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, Haengeun Chi who achieved one A*  and two A grades in Maths, Physics and English and Nashwan Nouri who achieved four A grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.

In Year 11, star student Bahgah Katamesh achieved two A* grades at A Level - Maths and Arabic, both two years early - and an A grade at AS Level - Biology, 1 year early.

Principal Ms Sally Coates added: " I am extremely proud of these results which are testament to the incredible efforts of students and staff.

" I am particularly pleased that students have excelled in traditional academic subjects, such as English, Mathematics and Languages."


August 23, 2011