New Dispersal Zone around W12 Estate

Police can clear troublemakers from areas around Goldhawk Road

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Local police have been given special powers to disperse groups of young louts from the William Church Estate in Shepherd's Bush, which has has been blighted by antisocial behaviour.

Last June, in response to complaints from businesses and residents, a dispersal zone was established across Shepherd's Bush giving the police the ability to order groups oftroublemakers to leave the area for 24 hours.

That zone saw over 300 people dispersed, with 14 people arrested for failing to comply with the order. This zone came to an endin December but the police and council have decided to set up a new one around the William Church Estate at the request of residents.

The dispersal zone incorporates all outside and inside communal areas of the William Church Estate which includes: Raleigh Court, Scotts Court, Drake Court, Shackleton Court, Frobisher Court and Hillary Court. The zone also includes: Lime Grove between Goldhawk Road and number 48; Goldhawk Road between Richford Street and Devonport Road, including Titmuss Street and Brooklyn Passage; Devonport Road between Goldhawk Road and Scotts Road; Scotts Road between Devonport Road and Lime Grove, which includes Southway Close.

The zone means that police officers and police community support officers can order groups of troublemakers to leave an area immediately for a maximum of 24 hours. Anyone found guilty of breaching the dispersal zone's conditions face three months in prison or a £2,500 fine.

Sergeant Stephen Gilbert of the Shepherds Bush Green Safer Neighbourhood Team, which is part funded by H & F council says: " The police have listened to residents and the local authority regarding incidents on this estate. We have conducted many stops and warrants on anti social persons and their premises.

" Despite this heightened police action it is still necessary to disperse the anti social groups to deter their criminality and improve the local environment."

January 10, 2011