First Time Buyers Invited to View Discounted Flats

Showcase of "city suite" apartments at Lime Grove Mews in Shepherd's Bush

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Young people looking to take a first step onto the housing ladder are invited to a special open day in Shepherd's Bush on Saturday, November 10.

Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) Council has teamed up with developer St James who are offering nine apartments at Lime Grove Mews at 30% below the market rate.

The properties are being marketed to people living or working in the borough with a combined annual household income below £64,000.

These "city suite" apartments are being showcased on Saturday from 9am to 1pm at Lime Grove Mews, Stowe Road, W12 8RL.

H&F has the fourth highest house prices in Britain and many residents who would like to own a place in the borough are currently priced out of the market.

And a recent study from the Government’s English Housing Survey has found that first-time buyers today are expected to save up to the age of 40 before they can purchase a home.

This Discounted Market Sale (DMS) scheme has come to fruition because when the development was negotiated with the council, the 30 per cent discount was stipulated to try to help people get onto the property ladder.

Apartments at Lime Grove Mews start from £220,500, compared to a borough average of above £450,000.

In fact, H&F Council says it is helping 1,000 low and middle income earners into home ownership by 2013 thorough schemes such as this.

Paul Hopkins, Managing Director of St James says: " The DMS scheme is ideal for young professionals who no longer want to rent property but establish themselves in a secure and central location, just a stone’s throw from Westfield and the vibrancy of Notting Hill and minutes from over and underground transport links to all areas of London."

If you wish to attend the event, please contact St James in advance to discuss your eligibility for the scheme. For further information go to: Lime Grove Mews or call 020 3002 9460.

To find out more about buying a first time buyer home in Hammersmith & Fulham call H&F Home Buy on 020 8753 6464 or register online at H & F Homebuy.



November 9, 2012