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Old fashioned ‘green’ living

The idea of ‘green’ living has been with us for longer than you might think. Only in the latter part of the twentieth century did the idea of supermarket food shopping and access to transport change the UK’s shopping habits and the food supply chain beyond all recognition. In the past, locally sourced food was the norm and home delivery services were standard. It should come as no surprise then, that one of the most traditional home delivery services – the milkman – is leading the way in the green ‘revival’.

Environmental concerns

Leading the way at speeds almost in excess of 20 mph with its fleet of milk floats is Dairy Crest, one of the UK’s larger dairies. On a recent visit to the company’s Davidstowe depot the Prince of Wales was shown round the decidedly green facilities. With biomass energy systems in place the Davidstowe site is a testament to Dairy Crest’s concern about all matters environmental. Dairy Crest manufactures a range of dairy products including well-known brands such as Cathedral City and the Country Life range. It’s organic milk and dairy products are all ‘home-grown’ and traceable back to individual farms in the West Country.

Buying British

Consumers have become increasingly interested in supporting UK farmers in the last decade or so and again Dairy Crest has led the way effortlessly in this respect, sourcing its m ilk from farms across the UK. However, the traditional sight of the milkman (or woman) has not been so familiar in recent years – although Dairy Crest workers continue to deliver 500 million bottles of milk a year. The low carbon impact of traditional milk delivery is certainly one aspect that attracts consumers, alongside the simple fact that deliveries are made by the same milkman - whatever the weather.

Branching out

The company has now introduced a new brand to its already strong family – milk&more. A simple enough concept milk&more offers an excellent extended range of products featuring 250 everyday essentials. Combining the efficiency that the internet offers for consumers with the basic principles of good old fashioned service, the milk&more brand is a concept that could prove hard to beat. Offering new and old customers on existing rounds the milk&more service offers early morning next delivery day delivery with no charge, online account management and the flexibility to set up regular payments or order single items. Like all of the best solutions to everyday problems, milk&more is almost certainly the simple answer that many consumers have been searching for.



November 14, 2011