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Ground Penetrating Radar Scan.

I am a True Crime Writer and Television Investigative Consultant. I have for the past 14 years been researching the horrendous crimes committed by Abertillery-born Harold Jones. In 1921, Jones then aged 15 murdered 2 Abertillery, Wales schoolgirls, Freda Burnell aged 8 and 11 year-old Florence Little. After being released from prison in 1941 Jones served 5 years in the army before settling in Fulham, Putney and finally Hammersmith where he died in 1971. Jones used a number of names during his time in London - first Harold Jones, then Harry Stevens and finally Harry Jones. Research has led myself and many criminal experts to believe that Jones went on to become the serial killer known as the Hammersmith Nudes' Killer (1959-1965.) 8 unsolved killings have over the past 11 years been given much media attention. In 2011 a one hour drama documentary titled Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook - Harold Jones -The Welsh Killer has been shown repeatedly on various satellite Channels worldwide. (Google Harold Jones -The Welsh Killer.) This led to a major 90 minute national television documentary which was shown in January and February 2019. (Google Dark Son - The Hunt For A Serial Killer to see trailers.) In the early 1960's Jones using the name Harry Stevens  had lived in Fulham, 2 streets away from 3rd nudes's victim Hannah Tailford. In 1964 and 1965 whilst living in Putney under the name Harry Stevens, he was AT THE SAME TIME occupying a rented house in Hammersmith using the name Harry Jones. This was 2 streets away from 7th nudes victim Frances Brown and 8th nudes' victim Bridget O'Hara. It is my belief that there may be trophies buried in the garden at Hammersmith and the owner has now given me permission to use ground-penetrating radar to detect any such evidence.I am trying to locate someone in the film or media industry or anyone else who would be willing to cover the cost of the scan and record the garden being scanned. (Approximately 70 square metres.)On top of the circumstantial evidence regarding Jones living just 2 streets away from 3 of the murder victims below are a few more startling links.(1) Jones' own daughter has indicated that her father would leave her and her mother at home at the times of the killings and book into Rowton House, a doss house in Hammersmith whenever her parents would have a row. The daughter stated that she now believes her father would do this in fear that he may kill his wife in temper. Jones' own son-in-law stated that "There's no smoke without fire is there?"(2) Bridget O'Hara, the 8th victim was last seen leaving a pub near Rowton House on 11 January 1975 - Jones' birthday.(3) The person believed to be the killer had in 1964 shown one woman (a prostitute) a Metropolitan Police warrant card after she had got into his car. She stated that she felt very uncomfortable and made an excuse to get out of the vehicle. The driver gave her some cash before she got out. I believe the person was Harold Jones who was using the warrant card that had belonged to John Widdows, Jones father-in-law who had died just 2-3 years earlier. Widdows was a former London Metropolitan Police officer. Jones daughter stated that she still possessed her grandfather's retirement clock and Widdows may have possibly kept his warrant card when he retired.(4) At least 4 of the 8 murder victims were stored in a disused electricity sub-station on the Heron Trading Estate in East Acton. This was about 4 miles from Jones' rented property in Hammersmith. Jones daughter claims that her father worked in ACTON at the time of the murders but couldn't or wouldn't reveal which business premises he had worked at.(5) Jones left prison in 1941 after refusing treatment or discussing his crimes with the relevant authorities. The prison authorities noted that Jones, right to the day he was released showed no remorse for his crimes in Wales. Just shortly before his release the prison governor stated: "Sad as it seems, I can see no hopeful prospects for Jones in the future." The prison chaplain described Jones as "a no hoper." And then Jones was released onto an unsuspecting public possibly in the hope he would get killed in Libya where he served 5 years in the army.I am in contact with relatives of 6 of the 8 murder victims and they all (especially adult children of these women) are keen to know the identity of the killer in their lifetime. I am now 67 years old and I would like to know for sure the killer's identify in my lifetime.If anyone would like to come on board with this matter or have any practical suggestions I can be contacted at or 07989555376. Regards. Neil Milkins.

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Professor David Wilson.

Further to the B.B.C. 4 documentary Dark Son - The Hunt for a Serial Killer being broadcast nationally at 9.00 pm on Tuesday February 12.  South Wales Police are actively pursuing forensic opportunities to link Abertillery-born Jones to the murder of 12 year-old Swansea school-girl Muriel Joan Drinkwater, 3 months after he left the army in 1946. A third cold-case team are actively researching Jones' possible involvement in the murder of Ignac Ulycz in Putney in August 1965. See information below from my book "Who Was Jack the Stripper? The Hammersmith Nudes' Murders."(At 10.45 pm on Sunday 15 August 1965, Mr Ignac Ulycz was fatally stabbed outside his own front gate at 323 Upper Richmond Road Putney...........Maddalena Ulycz told the police the assailant was between 50 and 60 years old. (Jones was 59.) Another witness said that the attacker had run around the corner into Colinette Road and just seemed to vanish into thin air. (Jones had been living in 20 Colinette Road.)The Wandsworth Boro' News of Friday 24 September 1965 reported on the inquest into the death of Mr Ulycz.........."The man who killed Mr Ulycz........may have been insane or a psychopath who every now and again feels the desire to attack someone in this way" suggests the Coroner Mr Gavin Thurston.)The fact has now emerged that Jones was living at 20 Colinette Road Putney using the name Harry Stevens while AT THE SAME TIME registered as living at 51 Aldensley Road Hammersmith under the name Harry Jones.

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Local musician performs Highest of Highs Lowest of Lows Songs of Love & Life with Marek Rymaszewski

Local Shepherd's Bush composer and musician Marek Rymaszewski performs in the West End - a real alternative concert for Valentine's.An evening of the most beautiful and extraordinary songs by musician Marek Rymaszewski whose remarkable life has experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows. He is joined by West End leading lady Jane Horn. With just 3 performances to catch Highest of Highs Lowest of Lows Songs of Love & Life with Marek Rymaszewski in the West End’s intimate cabaret room Above The Arts, Arts Theatre, 12-14 February 2019 at 8.30pm.“David Bowie meets The Eagles on a very dark night and Marek’s as good as both of them. There is an eerie haunting quality to what he does and a shameless love of beauty and excess in life and art." - Robin Millar CBE, one of the world's most successful record producers with over 150 gold, silver and platinum discs, 44 No1 hits and 55 million record sales to his credit.An unique opportunity to hear the inimitable musician Marek Rymaszewski perform his songs which have never before been performed live in concert - and now must be heard.Highest of Highs Lowest of Lows Songs of Love & Life with Marek Rymaszewski, is a revealing concert of Marek‘s rollercoaster life and career as he muses on success, failure, life, love and survival through his songs with Marek singing at the piano, plus cello and leading West End performer Jane Horn (Pearl - Starlight Express, Eponine - Les Miserables, Annette - Saturday Night Fever; Narrator - Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; Columbia - The Rocky Horror Show,UK Tour.)Marek’s unbelievable world segues through his songs like The Pretenders’ Death Is Not Enough (“you wrote a classic” - lead singer Chrissie Hynde) to songs he recorded with Steve Gadd, Simon Phillips, Kiki Dee & Pino Palladino and No1 hits in Europe. Along the way donning the corporate suit as Head of Digital at BT and consultant at the cutting edge of Internet technology. Marek’s career started  as a 7 year old piano prodigy taught by Jean Johnstone (Mrs Lloyd Webber) and onwards to Marek’s successful 2007 Profumo Affair musical A Model Girl – also a subject tackled by one of Mrs Lloyd Webber’s sons with Stephen Ward - highest of highs lowest of lows….. The perfect antidote to Valentine’s Day Highest of Highs Lowest of Lows Songs of Love & Life with Marek Rymaszewski - in 75 minutes the audience will understand how passions can lead to laughter and ecstasy but also to despair and destruction. Harry Nilsson: "Thanks for that, you're a better story-teller than John Lennon.”Produced by The Stable and script by Nikki Racklin (multi award winning web series Cuckoo, Love Me To Death - Barbican Pit).The Stable presents 3 NIGHTS ONLY!12, 13, 14 FEBRUARY 2019An evening of the most beautiful and extraordinary songs by musician Marek Rymaszewski – whose remarkable life has experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Joined by West End leading lady Jane Horn. For 3 performances only at the intimate cabaret room Above The Arts Theatre.The perfect antidote to Valentine’s Day Dates:                   TUESDAY 12 FEBRUARYWEDNESDAY 13 FEBRUARY THURSDAY 14 FEBRUARY  (VALENTINE’S DAY)  Time:                    8.30pm - 9.45pmVenue:                 Above The Arts                        Arts Theatre 6-7 Great Newport St, London WC2H 7JBBox Office:          0207 836                                £10 - Cabaret seating and bar (capacity 60)

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