More Space Provided To Eat and Drink Outdoors

Council scheme aims to help local businesses and aid social distancing

Albertine co-owners Rob Freddi (centre) and Allegra McEvedy (right)
Albertine co-owners Rob Freddi (centre) and Allegra McEvedy (right)

A new scheme has been launched in the borough to encourage and increased use of outdoor space for people to eat and drink.

Hammersmith & Fulham ((H&F) council’s ‘Our Space is Your Space’ initiative offers local business owners the chance to use space near their business and offer residents a safer way to support the area's economy following the pandemic.

It forms part of the council’s Shop Local Shop Safe campaign in partnership with local business.

The Albertine wine bar in Wood Lane, Shepherd’s Bush is one of the first local businesses to benefit from the new scheme. The French wine bar, which is run by chef, writer and broadcaster Allegra McEvedy and her business partner Rob Freddi, are delighted with the new outdoor tables and chairs.

“The new outdoor seating is a real boost for our business following the tough lockdown. It has given us a real presence on the street. You can’t miss us now,” said Allegra.

“We would also like to thank H&F Council for all their fantastic support in getting this done so quickly.”

Allegra and Rob transformed the wine bar into a deli and wine shop during the lockdown.

Rob moved in upstairs above the bar to avoid commuting during the pandemic as they prepared and delivered meals to local residents. The wine bar is now open again and the deli remains after proving to be very popular with customers.

“Our Space is Your Space campaign is just one of the ways we are supporting local businesses through these tough times,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for the Economy.

“We are working with local partners to kick-start the local and wider UK economy and drive economic recovery for local residents and businesses as we make H&F the best place to do business in Europe.”

Chairs and tables on the street outside St Clements cafeChairs and tables on the street outside St Clements cafe

Other local businesses which are enjoying the additional outdoor space is Tinto Coffee in Fulham Palace Road and St Clements cafe in New Kings Road.

Working with H&F Council, St Clements owner Olivia Grant has been given permission by local estate agents Knight Frank to put tables and chairs on their outside space.

“Combining this with our own terrace is enabling us to adhere to social distancing without losing any covers,” said Olivia.

“It is a huge help to us, and we are looking forward to welcoming plenty of customers to St Clements in the warm and sunny days ahead.”

Tinto Coffee manager Paul Arbalaez is also pleased with the new scheme.

“Having the use of our outside space again will definitely help our business recover after the lockdown,” said Paul.

“The council’s initiative to allow businesses to use their outside space where possible will be beneficial to most businesses and the community.”

Two neighbouring properties on New Kings Road sharing terrace space for tables and chairs
St Clements owner Olivia Grant has been given permission by local estate agents Knight Frank to put tables and chairs on their outside space

There is even more new outdoor eating space outside the renovated Television Centre in White City. The 2,500 sqft of outdoor seating situated off Wood Lane by the iconic forecourt of Television Centre has been named The Set. It will be adorned with film and television props including directors’ chairs, giant-sized television screens and clapperboards.

It is free for the public to use and nearby restaurants including Kricket, Patty & Bun, Homeslice, Blue Bird and White City House’s The Allis.

If you are a local business owner who would like to use space outside your premises click here.

July 20, 2020