Woman Guilty of Ram-raiding H&F Council Offices on Mobility Scooter

Sela, from Uxbridge Road also 'booby trapped' solicitors' offices with oil

Sela guilty of ram-raiding council offices on mobility scooter

Nurjie Sela, 59, from Oaklands Court in Uxbridge Road repeatedly reversed into the locked front doors of H&F council offices in Hammersmith's King Street around 6pm on 23 September last year.

The frustrated Albanian squirted oil over the floor, walls computers and desks and then sped off on the scooter before the police arrived.

Sela then roared off to the offices of solicitors Farrell, Matthews and Weir in Hammersmith Broadway, careering into the building and squirting oil around from a plastic bottle.

Solicitor Stever Carter told Westminster Magistrates' Court that he did a 'Tom and Jerry' routine as he slipped on the oil slick, badly bruising his knee.

Sela caused £3,000 of damage at the council office and another £200 of damage at the solicitors.

Mr Carter told the court he left his office to investigate after hearing raised voices downstairs.

Mr Carter said: "When I got to the window I saw a woman. 'She was shouting very loudly.

"She was shouting 'You killed my child'. 'There was a mobility scooter just behind her.

"As she stepped back she then placed a bottle of water into the closing doors to stop them closing. As I walked down I saw another bottle which I didn't appreciate the significance of at the time.

"As I walked down it became clear that it was oil, I lost my footing on the stairs and nearly fell down them. It was on the bottom three steps and also on the wall at the side. It was all over the wall.

"I did a Tom and Jerry, lost my footing and managed not to fall over which was good as it was a stone staircase."

Mr Cater said he seriously hurt his knee during the fall, and had been unable to get an appointment to have it treated until last month.

He added: "It had done something to the ligaments, and then went for four months without treatment so I presumed it would get better but it didn't."

Emily Maunders, prosecuting, described the squirting of oil on the bottom three steps as a 'booby trap'.

Showing CCTV to the court, Ms Maunders said:"The defendant is seen to get off her mobility scooter, approach the door.

"The CCTV now shows an internal camera the defendant enters via a damaged door, the bottle can then be see squirting liquid over the equipment and furniture."

Giving evidence, Sela claimed the dispute began after her daughter, aged 17, was taken away from her her four years ago.

She said: "It's been so many years that the council has been abusing my child. This company has kidnapped my child using false documents. Many years I've been chasing this, I have got a lot of debt.

"I just want to live, I want my child to live."

Sela said she was 'fed up' with the council, and damaged the building to get the attention of the police.

She said: "I had been to the council and tried to call them hundreds of times and they didn't answer me. I went there and thought what should I be doing for the police to take up to take some form of action."

Cross-examined by Ms Maunders, Sela admitted ramming the council offices and spraying oil at FWM Law. She added: "It was only a little bit."

Judge John Zani found Sela guilty of two counts of criminal damage, and one of assault and bailed her ahead of sentencing on 30 March.

He said: "These offences were serious and unpleasant. It's occurred during the currency of a community order.

"I will see you next week."

March 30, 2017