Knife Point Mugger Fled To Shepherd's Bush McDonalds

Mark Larkin sentenced to six years in prison for robbing woman

Mark David Larkin
Mark David Larkin

A mugger who had shortly before threatened a woman with a knife and robbed her was tracked to the McDonalds burger restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush by police this March.

They found 50-year-old Mark David Larkin, also known as Curran, trying to disguise himself with a hood, face covering and hat but local officers identified him and arrested him.

He had just followed a lone woman returning home in the early evening after going out to do some food shopping

A man has been convicted of a knife point robbery on a lone woman, as she walked home from Queensway to St Petersburgh Place in Bayswater

As she made her way along Moscow Road, she became aware she was being followed. Feeling uneasy she stopped to let the man go past.

Larkin then pulled a ten inch knife from his waist band and made a stabbing motion saying “Give me your wallet.’’

The terrified woman got hold of her purse, containing cash, credit cards and a driving licence and threw it threw it on the floor, before Larkin picked it up and ran off.

Detectives were able to capture CCTV of Larkin following the woman and also traced images of him with the stolen property.

Larkin, of no fixed address, was convicted after a six day trial at Southwark Crown Court. The judge ruled the crime fell into the highest category. On Monday, 2 November, he was sentenced to six years for the robbery, plus 18 months for possession of the knife. Larkin also pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud, and was also given a £170 pound Victim Surcharge. All sentences are to run concurrently.

Detective Constable Samuel Turner, said, “This is an incredibly positive result which shows the hard work detectives go through to bring offenders to justice.

"CCTV proved key in this case, as was the tireless cooperation of the victim who assisted at every opportunity. Despite the fear this man put her in, she was able to pull through and give evidence that led to his conviction.”

November 5, 2020