Council Demands More Affordable Flats in Scrubs Lane Scheme

Developer wants to build two tower blocks on Grand Union Canal

Council Wants More Affordable Flats in Scrubs Lane Scheme
Visualisation of the Mitre Wharf development. Picture: OPDC/Goldstein Heather

October 10, 2022

Plans for nearly 150 flats could be scrapped after Hammersmith & Fulham council demanded that more affordable homes were needed on the Mitre Wharf site.

Developer Satara Projects wants to build the apartments inside one eight-storey and one nine-storey tower blocks on Scrubs Lane.

The council has objected to the plans, claiming there isn’t enough affordable housing and the developer hasn’t shown enough evidence for them to be able to fully consider the impact it would have on local roads and transport. The site lies east of Scrubs Lane, with the Grand Union Canal immediately south.

If the project goes ahead, an old car wash and tyre storage building will be demolished to make room for the new flats. The set-up features 148 housing – 10 studios, 58 one-beds, 46 two-beds and 34 three-beds – with space for businesses on the ground floor.

The proposed development site is located in the Old Oak & Park Royal Opportunity Area and therefore the final decision on the plans will be made by the Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation, which is overseen by the Mayor of London.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council were asked for an opinion on the plans because it is the local authority for highways on the site. A report by council planning officer Violet Dixon said there isn’t enough affordable housing in the plans, officers need more evidence relating to local transport and roads and more proof that the development meets the council and Mayor’s planning policies.

The report reads, “The proposed affordable housing provision is considered to be unacceptable… It is not considered that the current proposals provide an appropriate quantum of affordable housing, and the affordable tenure should satisfy Policy H6 (Affordable housing tenure) of the London Plan.”

Visualisation of the Mitre Wharf development. Picture: OPDC/Goldstein Heather

Ms Dixon said the developer has been considering two options for affordable housing on the site – the first offering 27 per cent of the homes as affordable, (of which 100pc is Shared Ownership), and the second offering 20 per cent as affordable, (of which 35pc is London Affordable Rent and 66pc is Shared Ownership). She added: “It is unclear at this stage whether a formal affordable housing offer has been made by [the] applicant.”

A report made on behalf of Satara Projects said the new homes would offer “a generational opportunity for sustainable urban development in West London”. It said the project “seeks to transform this length of the Grand Union canal, currently obscured by sheds and piles of tyres into a place which future residents, members of the public and canal-dwellers can take delight in.”

It adds: “There is a chance… to produce a new part of London where architects, urban designers and the OPDC itself can take advantage of mature thinking to collaborate in bringing forward successful neighbourhoods, integrated with high-quality sites of employment, retail and leisure. These neighbourhoods will also have great connections to the national rail, via Old Oak Common station and the Elizabeth line.”

Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s planning committee will discuss the plans for Mitre Wharf on Tuesday, 11 October.


Hannah Neary - Local Democracy Reporter