Violent Christmas For Uxbridge Road

Five stabbing incidents in the space of two days

Five young men were stabbed in the heart of Shepherd's Bush over the Christmas holiday period, local police say.

Late on Christmas Day, just before midnight, police say they were called to the junction of Uxbridge Road and Warbeck Road where a young man had been struck over the head and stabbed in the back. The 24-year-old went to hospital for treatment, but as his wounds were not life-threatening, he was later discharged. Police say they believe the man was attacked by six others.

Two days later, a large fight broke out in Uxbridge Road, opposite the junction with Hetley Road, resulting in four stabbings: Police say they were called to Uxbridge Road in the early hours of December 27, to reports of a man suffering a stab wound in the buttocks. The 21-year-old victim was believed to have been stabbed as a result of an altercation with two others.

Shortly afterwards, police were called to reports of a second man suffering a stab wound to the abdomen, also in Uxbridge Road, opposite the junction with Askham Road. Police say they believe the 19-year-old victim was injured during an altercation with another man.

Then, about an hour later, police were called to Ealing Hospital, where two more men were being treated for stab wounds. The first man, aged 20, had a stab wound in the back, while the second, an 18-year-old, had stab wounds to his leg and buttocks. Police believe the injuries were the result of the altercation in Uxbridge Road.

Police say all of the victims, from both incidents, have refused to substantiate any of the allegations.

In a bid to reassure residents, Superintendent William Lyle said: "We are working in partnership with the local authority, local residents, the business community and community leaders to ensure all appropriate steps are taken to prevent any further offences and to reassure our local community. We are providing continued reassurance patrols and our officers continue to speak to the community on a daily basis."

However, one local business-owner said more needed to be done to prevent violent incidents in the area: “We believe the local police could do a lot more to improve the current situation for the benefit of residents as well as our customers,” said Mowlid Idan, Manager of the Venus Cafe in Uxbridge Road. “The trouble appears to be caused by young people from outside Shepherd’s Bush and we need to dissuade them from coming here.”

Police say they made one arrest in relation to the second incident. They say neither incident is believed to have been gang-related.

Conservative parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith, Shaun Bailey, commented: “Residents and businesses around the Uxbridge Road area are being exposed to unacceptable levels of anti-social behaviour. These violent incidents, while horrendous, are the tip of an iceberg that has been growing over recent years.

“Local cafes are increasingly drawing in large numbers of people from outside the borough, resulting in increased levels of affray, vandalism and drug dealing, as well as late night noise pollution, littering, congestion and a lack of available parking. Residents are reporting that the
quality of life has been severely damaged,” said Bailey.

14 January 2010