Jailed H&F Police Constable Formally Dismissed from Met

Nicholas Le Mansois-Field serving four and half years for sexual offences

PC Nicholas Le Mansois-Field was sentenced to four and a half years' imprisonment at Reading Crown Court on Friday, 21 April and was subsequently dismissed from the police following a Special Case Misconduct Hearing on Wednesday 14, June.

Le Mansois-Field was convicted of:

Count One - Sexual Assault (Penetration) - four and a half years' imprisonment;
Count Two - Sexual Assault - 18 months' imprisonment;
Count Three - Voyeurism - six months' imprisonment.

His sentences, which are running concurrently, related to an incident at an address near Reading, Berkshire on 31 January 2015. The officer will also remain on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

For his actions the officer had a case to answer for in relation to an alleged breach in the Standards of professionalism in terms of 'discreditable conduct'.

The Chair found the allegations proven for the officer and that PC Le Mansois-Field had breached the standards of professional behaviour in such a serious way that it amounted to gross misconduct.

The Chair determined that the only appropriate sanction was dismissal without notice.

Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt, chair of the special case hearing, said: "Le Mansois-Field abused the trust the victim placed in him because he was a police officer, which makes this offence all the more appalling.

"The public rightly demand and expect that their police officers act with integrity at all times. This behaviour damages the public's trust in the police and it is absolutely right that he was convicted at court and dismissed from the service."

Le Mansois-Field had been suspended from duty since February 2015 and currently is in prison. His pay was halted following his conviction.


June 20, 2017